The Votes Are In — The 2023 Houston PaperCity Design Awards Winning Projects

Ginsler Team

And the Winners are …

Commercial Design

Tiger Lyon, Gensler, for The Center for Pursuit

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Project: The Center for Pursuit

Firm: Gensler, for Building Architecture

Lead Architect: Tiger Lyon

Additional Recognition: Interior design, MaRS Culture. Landscape architect, TBG Partners. Lighting consultant, LAI

Judges’ Remarks

“This organization is engaged in a noble pursuit, and this campus design honors that. The courtyard part off the roadway is a time-tested solution for this urban scheme. The building successfully links to the greenspace and terraces at the center. The attenuated triple-height columns form a delicate screen around the beautifully detailed curtain walls. There is an appropriate variety in the shift to the brick buildings that keeps the complex from being too single-minded. The window muntin layout there is very good. A great design — I could go on. In short, a success.” — Thomas Kligerman

“Bright, fresh, cleanly detailed, and nicely integrating interior and exterior. The objective of flexibility appears to be well achieved.” — Eric J. Smith

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