Enrichment Services


The Center’s Enrichment Services program renders support to adults with I/DD, Autism or similar conditions that enables their full participation in the community. Our knowledgeable and patient staff can provide assistance with both everyday and special activities. A client might request help with grocery shopping or attending medical appointments, but also with seeing a Texans game or going on vacation. Caregivers may request temporary in-home supports or assistance with specific care-related tasks.

Through our Enrichment Services program, The Center strives to ensure our clients the opportunity to take full advantage of community resources. This facilitates access to the shared experiences that promote personal growth and enrichment in all our lives.

Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • =Assisting with daily living activities
  • =Providing transportation
  • =Assisting with retaining and improving self-help skills
  • =Utilizing community resources
  • =Integrating individuals into the community
  • =Participating in leisure and social events
  • =Traveling assistance

The Center works to provide individualized assistance in the lives of adults with I/DD, whatever their unique needs may be, and considers applications on a case-by-case basis. If you have a request that is not mentioned above, please contact us and we will work to help find the best solution for you or your loved one.

For information on enrolling in our Enrichment Services program, please visit our admissions page.