About Us


To promote the pursuit of choice, growth and independence for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism or similar conditions.


All adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, or similar conditions will realize their potential in a world in which they are fully integrated.


Respect – We uphold the value of those we serve by treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Worth – We uphold the value of those we serve by providing choices and opportunities for growth and independence.

Quality – We uphold the value of those we serve by providing high-quality programs and services with a firm degree of integrity and professional best practices.

Stewardship – We uphold the strength of our mission by meeting the needs of our clients and community in a financially responsible manner.

Legacy – We uphold the success of our heritage by embracing and investing in the continuous improvement of programs, services, and facilities.

Person-Centered – We uphold the value of choice, and in tailoring services and supports to each person’s individual goals, objectives, and needs.


The Center for Pursuit’s humble origins began in 1950 when a small group of parents of children with intellectual disabilities came together to share their concerns and hopes for their children’s future. Driven by the conviction that their children could live meaningful, rewarding lives with proper support and care, the parents combined resources to form The Center, planting a visionary seed at a time when institutionalization and isolation were the norm.

Their vision for The Center fully broke ground when they hired Dr. Frank Borreca in 1956 as the first full-time executive director. A native of New York, Dr. Borreca’s life was shaped by two experiences that ultimately brought him to The Center. The first took place while he was serving in the Pacific during WWI; it was there that Dr. Borreca encountered a local farmer whose son with disabilities could be heard wailing from the barn where he was kept in a cage hidden from local authorities who would “take him away” if discovered. Later, while completing his graduate degree at Columbia University, he had the opportunity to work with a group of children with Down syndrome. Inspired by the children and never forgetting the cries of the farmer’s son, he knew his life’s purpose was to advocate for those with developmental disabilities so that they would be treated with the dignity they deserved.

Dr. Borreca’s compassion would prove fertile ground for The Center to flourish. Through his careful cultivation of innovative programs and services, The Center grew deep roots in the Houston community and branches extending outward to reach and serve a diverse array of individuals. Throughout the 35 years that Dr. Borreca served as Executive Director of The Center he kept a small piece of paper on his desk with the words written “Lest we forget why we are here” as a simple reminder that The Center is here because every individual, regardless of ability, possesses an inherent worth and innate potential that must be nurtured and allowed to flourish. We will never forget.