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Employment Services at The Center for Pursuit provides customized employment planning and assistance for transitioning youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, and other similar conditions. Our primary goal is to help motivated individuals to find success in competitive, integrated, and community-based employment in areas of their interest. We provide person-centered planning through every stage of the employment journey with services that include:

Pre-Employment Evaluations

Pre-Employment Evaluations are tools that evaluate a client’s work and training background, general functional capacities, and social behavior. They are designed to determine a client’s present and future vocational potential as well as the client’s employment-related strengths and limitations. 

Vocational Evaluation | Birkman Assessment

Vocational Evaluation | Birkman Assessment gauges a client’s work and training background, general functional capacities, and social behaviors. Evaluations are designed to determine the client’s present and future vocational potential and employment-related strengths and limitations. 

Personal Social Adjustment Training (PSAT)

Personal Social Adjustment Training (PSAT) is designed to teach skills related to acceptable work behaviors and to improve interpersonal skills that interfere with the client’s ability to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment. 

Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT)

Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) is training designed to increase a client’s interpersonal skills relating to basic traits and attitudes as well as work-related skills and successful employment.

Pre-Employment Training for Transitioning Youth (ages 14-22)

Pre-Employment Training for Transitioning Youth (ages 14-22) provides transitioning individuals who meet the definition of a “student with a limitation” with workplace readiness training to develop social skills and independent living. The program also offers support in career exploration counseling, instruction in self-advocacy, and instruction in person-centered planning. 

Job Placement Assistance

Job Placement Assistance helps train and prepare clients for their job search to obtain employment in positions that meet their individual needs. We also offer support in career path navigation, employment application training, resume development, mock interviews, and elevator pitches.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is designed to provide clients with limitations and the support they need to achieve competitive integrated employment. The services include individualized job development and placement services along with ongoing support such as intensive job skills training and extended benchmark reviews to help our clients sustain meaningful long-term employment. 

Job Coaching | Job Skills Training

Job Coaching | Job Skills Training is offered after clients are placed in a position that helps with job retention. It is tailored to the individual’s needs providing extra training in job skills and reinforcing learned skills which increase the client’s independence and ability to meet the employer’s expectations. 

At The Center for Pursuit, we have high expectations for all of those we serve. We are dedicated to improving the employment landscape for individuals with IDD, autism, and other similar conditions by helping participants in Employment Services to embrace and demonstrate their professional abilities.

To learn more about Employment Services, please contact us at employmentservices@thecenterforpursuit.org or 713.525.8303.

Transition and Employability Center (TEC)

tec image1


East End

The Center for Pursuit, 4400 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston, TX 77011

South Loop

Avondale House, 3737 O’Meara Drive, Houston, Texas 77025

TEC is an interactive classroom that serves as a work development lab to identify functional skill levels, career interests, aptitude for community-based employment, and work behaviors and barriers to success. Come assess and/or learn basic generalizable work skills in these areas:

  • Business/Marketing
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Processing/Production
  • Consumer Service
  • Computer Technology

Students become employees, and teachers become supervisors. A comprehensive score report facilitates data-informed transition decisions and future planning.

The assessment and/or learning experiences are highly individualized, and schedules can be customized for times and days.

For more information about TEC, please contact us at 713-525-8342 or employmentservices@thecenterforpursuit.org.

Our Employment Partners

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  • =James Coney Island
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  • =Marshalls
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  • =MOD Pizza
  • =Parkway Chevrolet
  • =Pet Paradise
  • =Rainforest Café
  • =Randall's
  • =Rectorseal
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  • =Scooter's Coffee
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  • =Texas Roadhouse
  • =Walgreens
  • =Walmart
  • =Whataburger
  • =Workforce Solutions Provider

To learn more about Employment Services, please contact us at employmentservices@thecenterforpursuit.org or 713.525.8303.