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We believe in excellent and compassionate
dental care for everybody.


Dental care is crucial for everyone, and children and adults with special needs benefit from dentists, hygienists, and staff who are experienced and can provide excellent care in a comfortable, compassionate environment.

We offer comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, and surgical dentistry to patients of all ages, including those with unique physiological and behavioral conditions. We understand the wide range of complexities our patients face, and the unique attention each requires.

For those who are especially anxious and unable to receive their cleanings and treatment while awake, we work with a team of board-certified and board-eligible anesthesiologists to make your loved one feel as comfortable as possible.

Nothing is more important to us than our patients’ comfort. We proudly provide a variety of specialized services, including general anesthesia, to ensure everyone has a positive experience regarding their oral health. Brighter smiles start with better care, and better care starts here—at Believe Dental.



Medicaid (Traditional, Amerigroup, and United Healthcare), Medicaid waivers (HCS, TxHL, CLASS, etc.) Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Guardian, and easy payment plans.

For questions, please contact our office at 713-224-6734 or email us at

Dr. Shanley with his granddaughter Penelope


Believe Dental was founded in 1988 as ‘Melvin L. Shanley, DDS PC’. Dr. Shanley was a special needs trailblazer in the San Antonio dental community, with a passion for helping those with different abilities.

Like all of us, Dr. Shanley and his late wife Terry have a personal connection to the community with their beautiful granddaughter Penelope.

Dr. Shanley and Terry retired in 2019. In 2023, the practice was renamed “Believe Dental” to reflect the enduring mission of enabling beautiful smiles, and providing a comfortable, compassionate environment for the members of the special needs community.