The Center for Pursuit on Houston Newsmakers

Charles Canton, CEO The Center for Pursuit, Frank Higginbotham, Dir. Employment Services, The Center for Pursuit (KPRC)

The Center for Pursuit a place of respite and care for the intellectually disabled

For more than 70 years, The Center for Pursuit has been almost quietly enhancing the lives of the disabled.

“We may have folks with Autism. They may have Down Syndrome,” said Charles Canton, the CEO of The Center for Pursuit. “We have people with cerebral palsy, people with multiple diagnoses of all kinds, and many others as well, so we’re dealing with folks who have some challenges but who are just looking for the opportunity to grow.”

Part of that growth is preparing the clients for a life closer to independence and that’s where the employment training services program kicks in. “You’re looking at an individual that has been independent and then once they had a job, get that independence,” said Frank Higginbotham the Director of Employment Services. “That’s the confidence builder, just to know that they can go somewhere and earn a living for themselves. They like purchasing things like you and me. It’s amazing when they get their first paycheck.”

It’s also amazing to learn about the many other programs offered by the Center for Pursuit. Find out more on how you can help support this valuable nonprofit on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.