Pursuit Learning Academy

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Every individual at The Center for Pursuit has the opportunity to enhance their life with the skills and education to live a fulfilling life. The Pursuit Learning Academy (PLA) is a DAHS Individual Skill and Socialization licensed program that provides classes, activities, and outings on and off campus to enrich and strengthen the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, and other similar conditions. The PLA program was developed using a specialized curriculum and instructional practices that meet each adult’s academic, vocational, or independent living needs and interests. By making choices and gaining independence, our clients feel empowered to continue growing individually and with their community.


Each participant chooses their interests based on their individual needs and interests.

Self-Advocacy and Communication

Participants learn how to advocate for their needs and wants by growing helpful communication strategies.

Current Events and Literacy

Participants understand, interpret, and communicate current events and short stories using state-of-the-art assistive technology.

Personal Finance

Participants have the opportunity to learn money management skills, become organized, and expand their financial knowledge.

Community Living Skills

This class offers participants the opportunity to explore various community establishments. Participants also learn about different signs, locations in the area, transportation, and more to navigate successfully in the community.

Community Outings – Participants have the opportunity to take daily outings

Independent Living Skills

Participants engage in various activities such as cooking, cleaning, etc. to practice skills that can build independence at home.

Bloom Fitness

Bloom is a holistic fitness program offering in-person and on-demand classes specifically designed to motivate adults with IDD to engage in a lifetime of fitness and community. Bloom provides an invitation and self-environment to exercise and learn about healthy lifestyle choices. Participants can choose to take part in yoga, cycling, dance, strength (standing & seated), and more.

Social Skills – Interpersonal Skills

Participants work together as a group on a variety of activities including puzzles, games, etc. to practice and enhance their social skills.

Coffee Club – Grows friendships and provides a sense of community

Caring Critters – Animal assisted therapy visits every other week

Structured Leisure Activities

Participants explore a variety of activities related to recreation, leisure, and the Arts.

Movie Club – Participants watch and discuss a movie of their choice

Cooking Club

Participants learn valuable cooking skills, explore cooking materials, see local ingredients in the classroom, and practice cooking a new recipe each week.

Introduction to Technology

Participants learn basic computer literacy skills through fun projects and activities.

Computer Club – Interested participants are able to spend additional time learning and enjoying computer activities.