The Center for Pursuit is proud of our tremendous progress in supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1950. Our intellectual disability programs in Houston, TX, focus on three main pillars to help our community succeed in life and continually improve:

  1. Choice: What does success mean to you?
  2. Growth: Evolve while accomplishing your goals!
  3. Independence: Enable the highest possible level of self-sufficiency.

Our mission is to enable those with IDD to imagine and realize a future that offers true fulfillment. We could not have helped so many beautiful souls with IDD if not for generous donors throughout our history!

We Love Helping People Grow and Succeed

The Center for Pursuit is not just a nonprofit… It’s a loving and dedicated community. Our ID/D Programs in Houston, TX, help thousands of people, of all ages, develop instead of stagnating and feeling alone. Those in need deserve a helping hand and we do a multitude of things to support our community.

Here are some examples:

  • Vocational training programs
  • Help fill out job applications
  • Help preparing for interviews
  • Job placement, right here, at Center for Pursuit
  • Residential Services
  • Independent living programs
  • Supported independent living programs
  • Respite services

These ID/D Programs in Houston, TX, offer exceptional and effective ways for members of our community (residents and otherwise) to gain confidence, improve communication skills and open doors to new opportunities.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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A Helping Hand: Houston IDD Support Organization

Residents and community members, alike, come to Center for Pursuit for helpful Houston developmental disability services that improve people’s skill sets. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since the organization’s inception in 1950. That was a time when having a developmental disability could make you an outcast – totally cut off from society, or, worse… locked away in a sterile, loveless institution.

But that’s ancient history, now, as far as we’re concerned. There’s tremendous power and potential in every person who walks through our doors! You can actually “meet” some of the residents and community members and see how their lives have been transformed for the better. They experience a sense of satisfaction in learning to do a job well, being a productive member of their community, or simply learning to function and communicate more effectively. That’s all the reward we could ever ask for.

Contact Center for Pursuit: Helping Those with IDD

If you’d like to learn more about our intellectual disability programs in Houston, TX, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always happy to explain the numerous ways in which we provide support and assistance for those who need it.

Call us at 713-525-8400 with any questions or to donate to our nonprofit.

You may also use the Center for Pursuit contact form or email us at We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon!