Natasha L. Turner

Community Relations Manager

Natasha L. TurnerNatasha L. Turner currently serves as the Community Relations Manager for The Center where she is tasked with overseeing the media relations, volunteer, and community relations efforts. Having earned a B.A. in Speech Communication and Business from Texas Southern University, Natasha has built a solid career crafting communication and brand awareness platforms for small businesses, educational, arts, and non-profit organizations. Since joining The Center in December 2015, Natasha has ensured that the organization strengthens both its corporate and community relations through sponsored events, volunteerism, marketing, and media relations efforts.

Kevin Kern

Chief Operating Officer

The Center COO, Kevin KernAs Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Kern oversees all of The Center’s programs, the Dental Clinic, and Gingersnaps Etc. Kevin began his career in the field of I/DD at the Barber National Institute in Erie, PA, before joining The Center in 2007. Kevin finds daily motivation in watching The Center’s clients thrive and accomplish things they never thought possible. Apart from The Center, Kevin serves as President of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Needs Council of Harris County (IDDNC) and on the Board of the Private Providers Association of Texas. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in human and social services administration and a Master of Public Administration, both from Bellevue University, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Public Administration at Walden University.