Caning Furniture Repair

Talented hands working with precision to restore your treasured furnishings with cane, wicker, or rush

Custom Work Since 1979

Founded in 1979 by a mother seeking a creative work opportunity for her daughter, Cullen Caners restores cane, rush, and wicker furnishings to meet customer specifications, including repairing or replacing hand-woven or prefabricated materials.

Meaningful Employment

Cullen Caners are skilled at handling difficult and precise patterns. The Center’s caning program is self-supporting and provides employment for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Satisfied Customers

Customers include antique dealers, museums, decorators, businesses, and individuals.

Volunteer and Learn to Cane!

Volunteers are taught to cane and work in partnership with staff and caners. For information about volunteering in the caning program, call (713) 525-8317 or e-mail

Contact Cullen Caners for your Caning Needs

Phone: (713) 525-8453
Location: 4430 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, Texas 77011 
(Health & Wellness Building, First Floor)