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Behavioral Health Services

Providing Counseling and Behavioral Support

Behavioral Health Services at The Center for Pursuit provides counseling and behavioral support by licensed clinicians to adolescents, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, and other similar conditions. Counseling services are open to any qualifying community member regardless of whether or not they are currently enrolled as clients of The Center.

Services include:
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling
• Behavior supports (therapy and support plans)

Psychiatric services, PHP, and IOP are not currently offered by The Center for Pursuit. Individuals needing these services will need to seek an external provider.

Counseling services are offered in a safe and confidential environment at The Center and via telehealth where individuals can explore their personal feelings and concerns in an effort to increase self-awareness, make good choices, establish satisfying relationships, set personal goals, and achieve overall mental well-being. Counseling also helps those living with emotional, psychological, social, or behavioral problems as well as other mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

Behavioral supports are also provided by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), in office, via telehealth, and in the person’s home (if applicable) to help individuals, family members, and other caregivers through training and consulting to learn how to manage behavioral challenges in a positive way. Additionally, behavioral supports help to educate the individual, family members, and other caregivers about ways to assist the individual in managing maladaptive or unacceptable behaviors.

Request an appointment by contacting Rebecca Kern at 713-525-8310 or

* The LPCs at The Center for Pursuit are participating providers with Medicaid (Tradional, Amerigroup, and United Health Care), Blue Cross Blue Shield. Telehealth options are available.
** Behavioral supports are eligible under HCS, CLASS, and TxHml waivers or through private pay options.