If you are seeking supported independent living programs in Houston, TX, either for yourself or for a beloved family member, The Center for Pursuit is the number one place to turn for real solutions. Each intellectually or developmentally disabled (IDD) adult client can have the opportunity to live independently with the support they need to complete their activities of daily life (ADL).

How Houston Supported Independent Living Services Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Intake staff with The Center for Pursuit interview each prospective client to determine their preferences, goals and living options. Because each individual has the right to as much self-determination and autonomy as is possible, we work diligently to help clients settle into their new environments in apartments right in their own communities.

Our program is constantly expanding, and right now we provide apartments at Stella in the Medical Center’s apartment complex. There, we have an administrator residing on-site to assist with meal preparation, ADLs and any emergencies that might occur with our residents.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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Allow Us to Address Your Special Needs Independent Living Services in Houston, TX

At The Center, we understand the complex challenges those in the IDD community face when trying to live independently. Like other adults, clients chafe at the restrictions that can come with living with family members or in institutional settings. We help break down the barriers that can prevent them from seeking supported independent living with IDD.

Because we have served intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in and around Houston since 1950, we have established a stellar reputation in the community. We partner with local businesses and seek volunteers who can help enrich our clients’ lives and help them experience the best that life has to offer them. We at The Center for Pursuit realize that everyone is unique, so we tailor our special needs independent living services in Houston, TX, to fit each client’s situation and condition.

Sometimes, a client may need to transfer from supported independent living to independent living or assisted living as their needs change or expand. The highly trained staff at The Center for Pursuit will be there for every step of the transitional journey to help them accommodate and get used to any changes that might come. We also work with families who need respite care for their loved ones. We are there 100% for our clients at every phase of their lives to help them live as autonomously as possible for as long as possible.

Contact The Center for Pursuit to Learn More

Whenever you are ready to find out more about our supported independent living programs in Houston, TX, we encourage you or your family member to reach out to us. We can arrange a guided tour of the residential facilities we staff and answer any questions you may have about accessing these services and accommodations. Call us at (713)-525-8400 at your convenience to see how we can make the living a little bit easier for you or your loved one.