Here, at The Center for Pursuit, we’re excited about helping so many individuals in Houston that have special needs. We’re the largest nonprofit in Houston helping folks with intellectual and developmental difficulties (IDD). We help so many deserving individuals with our outstanding special needs employment programs in Houston, TX. Everyone deserves to live and enjoy a fulfilling life where they succeed in whatever way is important to them!

A Brand New Life: IDD Employment Services In Houston, TX

Imagine if you felt hopelessly trapped by a physical and/or mental condition and you could not find work or fulfillment in your life. Many people that come to The Center for Pursuit are involved with a heavy struggle which feels like a burden they cannot bear alone. With help from our generous donors, we’ve created IDD employment services in Houston, TX to empower people with IDD.

Here are some of the services we provide to change lives for the better:

  • Job coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Help creating an effective resume
  • Workshops to prepare for an interview
  • Programs to help communicate more effectively
  • Long-term support and follow-up regarding employment

We help individuals with IDD find meaningful work that pays a competitive wage, helps their community and creates a powerful sense of self-reliance.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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Empowerment: Houston Employment Services for Disabled

At The Center for Pursuit, we’re all about empowering individuals with choice, growth and independence. When folks have meaningful work and/or pursuits, they feel good about themselves and their lives. Those with IDD deserve a fair chance at that… just as we all do!

We, who have the resources and all the benefits of a lucky life, must give back to our fellow men and women and provide an essential helping hand. Together, with our generous donors, we provide important tools to adults with special needs and we open doors for their future. Again, everyone deserves the hope that springs from ample opportunity and we’re thankful for each and every big-hearted person who contributes to our important mission.

Contact The Center for Pursuit to Help Others

Those with special needs want and deserve our help. We help because we can. Professionally certified counselors, doctors, dentists, nurses and other generous people in our administration have all helped create this oasis for assisting men and women with IDD.

Please call with any questions at (713)-525-8400. We’re happy to provide any needed information on our valuable and essential special needs employment programs in Houston, TX.

If you’d like to write to us, please use the The Center for Pursuit contact form or email us at: