Self-sufficiency is one of the primary goals of what we do for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at The Center for Pursuit. Our dedicated, compassionate staff helps our clients learn the basic skills they will need to get along on their own. When they master those skills, they shine with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Our disabled assisted living services in Houston, TX, have been so successful because we encourage our clients to learn at their own pace, grow and flourish in ways they may have doubted were even possible. The smiles of triumph that we see all the time are the best proof of the effectiveness of our IDD assisted living programs in Houston, TX.

What Makes Our Houston Special Needs Assisted Living Facility Unique

Cullen Residence Hall, an attractive six-story building constructed in 1974 for dormitory-style living, has numerous features that make day-to-day life as streamlined and manageable as possible. Those features include:

  • Utilities, cable and WiFi
  • Health and dental services
  • Lounges and recreational areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • Cafeteria and snack bar
  • Three daily meals are available
  • On-site counseling
  • 24/7 support staff
  • Independent and assisted living units

Our clients are functioning on their own, but they never feel alone because we are standing behind them with disabled assisted living services in Houston, TX, whenever they need help of any kind.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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What Is The Center’s SMART Skills Program?

In addition to The Center’s IDD assisted living programs in Houston, TX, we have the SMART Skills program. “SMART” is an acronym for Successful, Meaningful, Attainable, Readiness, Transformation. At approximately age 22, many of our clients are ready to make the move from structured situations like living at home tor attending school to more independent living. To do that successfully, they must master particular skills such as:

  • Taking care of their finances
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Making choices that benefit their health
  • Living harmoniously with other people
  • Pinpointing and utilizing community resources

Without adequate preparation for what they will encounter, our clients would risk losing some of their self-confidence and in turn, might become hesitant about being on their own. The SMART Skills program is customized to each individual so that person’s needs are fully met and addressed. Overall, the program “promotes healthy habits and good decision-making” and is a valuable step in our clients’ steady progression toward living a fulfilling and independent life.

People like you play a critical role in the success of The Center. Perhaps you would like to volunteer on a temporary basis. Maybe you prefer a long-term volunteer commitment. Or you can make a donation. Whatever method you choose, we truly appreciate your generosity and thank you for your involvement with The Center.

How to Reach Us

Please give us a call at (713)-525-8400 so we can answer your questions and describe the programs and services we provide.