The Center for Pursuit has been helping disadvantaged Texans (and beyond) for over 60 years as a nonprofit. We’ve created inspiring Fragile X Syndrome programs in Houston, TX, to help those with developmental challenges that would have been insurmountable not long ago. Fragile X syndrome (FXS) can have symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Delays in speaking
  • Hyperactive behavior

Professional Counseling: FXS Resources in Houston, TX

The Center for Pursuit provides professional, licensed counseling for those with FXS. Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder that prevents normal brain development due to the absence or diminished presence of a specific protein. We deeply understand many of the issues that are facing individuals with FXS and that allows us to create uplifting and effective FXS resources in Houston, TX.

We, at The Center for Pursuit, believe it is our duty and privilege to help folks with intellectual and developmental difficulties (IDD) with the best programs to be found, anywhere! We provide Houston Fragile X Syndrome services and many other types of services (such as housing and help with job placement) for our clients. Our professional counseling is enormously helpful to many who could not live a fulfilling life without experienced guidance. We love to see our members grow, flourish and succeed according to their definition of success.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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Helping Others: Our Wonderful Houston FXS Programs

At The Center for Pursuit, our mission is to help others with IDD and FXS live their best life. We offer a safe and confidential environment where folks may express their feelings and concerns. Individuals achieve a sense of mental well-being and confidence as their communication skills grow in our programs!

Here are some of the valuable ways that we help those with FXS:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Behavioral support (therapy and goal-setting)
  • Education (hygiene, managing money and life skills)

For our members suffering from anxiety and depression due to FXS and other IDD-related challenges, these professional services are life-changing. We would like to emphasize that we could not have helped so many great individuals if not for our generous donors.

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