At The Center for Pursuit, we are extremely proud to offer the most advanced cerebral palsy programs in Houston, TX. Everything we do is guided by state-of-the-art research and technology in order to provide the most effective, helpful assistance to those we serve, but our philosophy dates back to the era when Dr. Frank Borreca was brought on board in 1956 as our first full-time director. His outlook about Houston cerebral palsy services and other programs here at The Center was shaped by tremendous compassion, love and understanding.

To those qualities, Dr. Borreca added practicality. His hope was to give each person we help the greatest chance to enjoy a life filled with possibility and promise. Ever since his tenure years ago, we have striven to honor his legacy by offering the finest cerebral palsy resources in Houston, TX.

Dr. Borreca had a motto that we try our best to put into action every day: “Lest we forget why we are here.” The Center’s qualified professionals never lose sight of their mission, which is founded upon three bedrock goals that we envision for our valued clients all the time:

  • Choice
  • Growth
  • Independence

We have a contemporary philosophy as well: “All adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities will realize their potential in a world in which they are fully integrated.” The last eight words are crucial. The aim of our services at The Center, which is a leading Houston cerebral palsy support organization, is to have our clients be a welcome part of the larger community, not separated in a community of their own. To whatever extent that we can, we break down our clients’ limitations and build up their skills, confidence and self-sufficiency.

Why The Center Has the Best Cerebral Palsy Programs in Houston, TX

No other similar facility has the comprehensive cerebral palsy resources in Houston, TX, that we do. That is why our clients flourish here. Our programs include the following:

  • Professional counseling services
  • Enrichment services
  • Employment services
  • Residential services
  • Day services

How You Can Help The Center for Pursuit

There are numerous ways that you can be part of The Center’s vibrant community. We appreciate your assistance because it is vital to the continued successful operation of our programs. You can make a monthly donation, an in-kind donation, arrange for planned giving or a vehicle donation. Or, if you prefer, you can volunteer on a one-time-only basis or be with us more frequently. We always make every effort to align your skills with our and our clients’ needs. You might also want to consider hosting a fundraising project. No matter how you decide to pitch in on behalf of The Center, we are deeply grateful.

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Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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