We love to share the success stories of our clients with the public. Only then can people truly understand and appreciate the work that goes on every day at The Center for Pursuit. Thanks to the programs and services we offer such as caning services for disabled in Houston, TX, so many people in a wide range of ages have been able to learn new skills, feel more confident and become more self-sufficient. In addition, they have been integrated into the larger community, allowing them to become more at ease socially and make new connections with others.

The goal of everything we do can be summarized in three words that are our creed – choice, growth and independence. We give our clients options. They are no longer locked into a narrow, limited existence. The concept of growth is central to our philosophy. People come to The Center seeking to enlarge their horizons and go beyond them. Our staff facilitates that process with programs such as furniture restoration services in Houston, TX. The results are remarkable to us, our clients and their loved ones. Finally, independence is the ultimate aim. Being capable of doing things on your own is a precious milestone that, once attained, is never forgotten.

Michael, one of our longtime clients, has been associated with The Center for an amazing 40 years. He is retired, but is still very active in endeavors such as a track and field team and an exercise program at the YMCA. This vibrant gentleman is emblematic of the people who have benefited from The Center over the years.

Our programs like Houston caning services for special needs are not an end in themselves but merely the beginning.

There are scores of people in The Center’s community. Each one has unique challenges. Each person also has unique gifts. We help them all find a path through, around or beyond their challenges with programs like caning services for disabled in Houston, TX.

Services Offered at The Center for Pursuit

We have something for every constituency we serve, including the following:

  • Furniture restoration services in Houston, TX
  • Professional counseling services
  • Enrichment services
  • Employment services
  • Residential services
  • Day services

We have a set of core values that we have uncompromisingly abided by for years at The Center. The world around us has changed radically during that time, but our commitment to these sterling principles has not and never will. Those values are respect, worth, quality, stewardship and legacy. Those words and what they signify guide all of us at The Center in everything we do.

Community Impact

Adult Activity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

Adult Acitvity Center

Medical Appointments Facilitated

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