Being a gameCHANGER ensures that those who rely on others to be their voice are given the opportunity to live their best life possible.

dale 3

“They have a saying that school, for example, teaches you a lesson, then gives you a test. Life gives you a test, teaching you a lesson. That’s the kind of thinking I’ve adopted.”

Dale, a resident at our Cullen Residence Hall, shared these simple yet profound words with us just one year ago at our spring luncheon. As I think about the tests we have all been through, the many lessons we have learned as a community, a city, and a nation these last few months, I’m humbled by what we have accomplished, together.

The road to recovery is going to be long and arduous, for certain. As a result of our loss in revenue from programs, having to postpone our largest fundraiser of the year—our spring luncheon—and loss of revenue from our Gingersnaps program, covering the additional expenses for our clients has been a challenge.

Life as we know it has changed—not just for our clients, but for our staff as well. It is my sincere hope that you will consider becoming a gameCHANGER to all those who call The Center, “home.”

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration in becoming a part of this critical program. I remain ever grateful for all you do to help adults with I/DD to have choices, grow and lead independent lives.

Charles C. Canton
President and CEO, The Center

How you can make an impact

$25 Teammate

With just $25 a month you are providing a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack for four clients each week.

$35 Trainer

How do you get to work, school, or appointments? Our clients use public transportation. $35 a month will provide clients with Metro tickets to get to and from jobs, appointments, and activities.

$50 Coach

Do you have a budget for adult diapers? We do, and it’s a big one! Your support of $50 a month will provide 3 months of medical supplies such as adult diapers, first aid kits, wipes, and insulin testing strips.

$100 MVP

There are few dentists who specialize in oral care for adults with I/DD. Be a VIP to one client with your monthly gift of $100 and their specialized dental care will be covered for one year.


Meet the Copes Family.

When we moved to Texas in 2008, we began searching for programs and services for our son Matthew, who has intellectual and developmental disabilities. Fortunately, we discovered Willow River Farms and its parent organization, The Center for Pursuit.

We saw immediately that Willow River Farms would be a safe and peaceful place for our son, one where he could continue to develop skills and enjoy social interaction while supervised by a caring, professional staff. We also liked The Center’s status as a private, non-profit organization, one concerned with the welfare of adults with special needs, not the bottom line for shareholders. So Matthew moved to Willow River Farms in January 2011.

In 2013 state budget cuts and other financial challenges threatened Willow River Farms’ existence. To help ensure its future, we became sustaining donors to The Center, and our donations are supplemented with matching funds by a former employer. We also utilized the giving programs of Amazon and Kroger whereby a portion of our everyday purchases goes to the cause. Of course, large donations are vital, but the contributions of sustaining donors like us help as well.

The peace of mind that The Center and Willow River Farms provide is worth more than we could ever repay. No donation is too small to help The Center in its mission to provide vocational and residential programs that give adults with I/DD a safe, happy, healthy, and productive life. Even if you do not have an adult with I/DD in your life, The Center is worthy of your support, and we thank you for your generosity.

Bob and Jan Copes
March, 2019